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Model 320
Wireless Heat Detectors

The Model 320 Wireless Heat Detector is an addressable heat detector supervised for low battery, tamper and freeze troubles in addition to meeting the 200 second polling requirements.

The Model 320 utilizes FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) signaling technology, assuring the most secure and reliable network.

Both cost effective and easy to install, the low profile Model 320 with a built in transmitter complies with UL 521. The Model 320 may be used in commercial and residential applications.





Listings & Approvals
UL Certification
CSFM Listing
NYFD Appoval
Wireless Heat Detector Cutsheet

• UL Listed 521

• Hardware Fault Supervision
• Pre- Low Battery Signal
• Operates on Three AAA Batteries
• Rate of Rise 135° F Fixed &  Rate of Rise
• Low Profile
• 900 MHz Band FHSS Transmission Format


Battery Type: Three (3) AAA PC2400 Duracell Procell
or Three (3) AAA Energizer E92 batteries
Battery Life: 12 Months Minimum
Battery Replacement: Upon Low Battery report and/or during annual maintenance.
Tamper Switch: On Base
Reset: Automatic
Testing: Follow the 320/325 CWSI manual and NFPA 72 or local requirements.
Transmission: In compliance with FCC part 15 for reception on equipment manufactured by Commercial Wireless Systems International, LLC
Test Transmission: Every 90 seconds.
Compatibility: CWSI Control Panels

Mounting base diameter 5” | Weight 8.57 oz.

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