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Model 520 Low Frequency Sounder

The industry’s first Wireless Low Frequency Solution, the Model 520 is completely battery operated and fully supervised. Temporal 3 & Temporal 4 Notifications for smoke detector applications. The 520 provides extensive battery life and is the economical solution for applications requiring Low Frequency compliance such as:

• Hotels and Motels
• Colleges and Universities
• Condominiums and Apartments
• Military Barracks

A built in sounder test allows for accurate decibel level verification prior to installation. Synchronization can be achieved through interconnecting multiple units.




Listings & Approvals

System UL 864 Accessory Device
 520 Low Frequency Sounder CSFM Listing
520 FDNY Approval


520 Low Frequency Sounder Cutsheet 

10 Reasons Why You Need the CWSI 520Hz
520 Low Frequency Sounder Press Release

520Hz FAQ

• Complies with NFPA 2010 - 2013 - 2016 Editions
• UL 464 Listed and CSFM Listed, NYFD Approval to Follow
• Temporal 3 & Temporal 4 Notification with Aujustable Level
• Fully Supervised
• Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) Protocol


Model 520 – Available in Red or White l Red: 520R l White: 520W
Battery Type: RF Battery 3.6 Vdc at 19Ah and Alarm Batteries (2) 3.6 Vdc at 13Ah
Battery Life: 12 Months Minimum
Battery Replacement: Upon Low Battery Report
Tamper Tilt Switch
Sounder: Minimum75db at 10 Feet
Testing: Follow the 520 CWSI Manual and NFPA 72 or Local Requirements
Transmission: Complies with FCC Part 15
Test Transmission: 200 Second Supervisory Polling
Compatibility: With CWSI Control Panel, refer to Product Manual

Height 8.25" // Width 5.5" // Depth 2.5" // Weight 1.9lbs

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