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Keltron’s Fire Dialer is a unique solution that interfaces with fire alarm control panels (FACPs) and enables an appropriate and instantaneous response from personnel at a life safety event-monitoring center. The Keltron Fire Dialer provides a remedy for today’s FACPs that cannot report point-specific and critical fire alarm information to an on- or off-site central station-style digital receiver through the dial-up public switched telephone network (PSTN).

How the Keltron Fire Dialer works
From the FACP, the Fire Dialer accepts data that was originally intended for a printer or CRT and converts it to a standard, digital receiver-compatible, alarm-reporting format using unique personality module software. The Fire Dialer enables intelligent and addressable FACPs that do not have a PSTN-compatible, point-ID capable, dialer/communicator, to report critical, point-specific fire alarm information. In the unlikely event of a serial port failure, the Fire Dialer’s seven input zones ensure that event signals are transmitted to indicate the global event type such as fire, trouble, water flow or supervisory. These signals are provided by contact outputs from the panel that are monitored through the ultra-reliable hard-wired connection provided by the zone inputs.

The Keltron Fire Dialer is comprised of a powerful microprocessor, an ASCII data-to-SIA converter and a seven-zone digital communicator. This unique communicator includes both seven hardwired zone inputs and an RS232 serial port.

Listings & Approvals
UL Listed

Primary alarm reporting is accomplished with the four EOL-resistor supervised zone inputs by monitoring the alarm, trouble, and optionally the water flow and supervisory output contacts from the FACP.
The RS232 port adds detector-specific reporting of all available additional information that enables accurate monitoring of event status, panel status, and fire progression.
Transmits signals in industry standard SIA format.
Test code call-in cycles are programmable and both normal and off-normal condition test codes are transmitted as appropriate. A manual test button is also included
Provides a programming utility that requires only a PC or laptop with serial port and a cable.
The RS232 port is personality-matched to the intended data source through a software interface. When the monitored FACP can support it, this may include communications supervision and interruption reporting.
Zones 5, 6 and 7 are available for loss of ac and battery fail indications, which are also reported using standard SIA event codes.
Local LEDs and audible devices clearly indicate Fire Dialer status.
General alarm and general trouble relay outputs provide trouble indication for local annunciation at the FACP per UL864.


Phone lines: 2 RJ-45 receptacles Line Seizure via RJ31X jacks by others
Hardwired zone inputs: 7 (4-EOL resistor supervised)
EOL resistor value: 10K Ohms
Maximum input line resistance: 100 Ohms
Relays: 2 SPDT, 1 common alarm, 1 common trouble Contact ratings: 2A @ 30VDC
LED Indicators: One green 24VDC power indicator
One yellow external power source monitor trouble
One red zone alarm for each supervised zone input (4 total)
One yellow zone trouble for each supervised zone input (4 total)
One red serial port event pending transmission alert
One yellow serial port fault alert
One yellow line trouble for each telephone line (2 total)
One red line active for each telephone line (2 total)
One red relay active for each relay (2 total)
Audible device: Rated at 92 DB
Ringer equivalence: 0.1
FCC registration # US: KELAL01ASFDACT

User controls





Jumpers (8 total):
J1 & J2 configure RS-232 port handshake lines set according to the FACP being monitored.
J3 audible device disconnect jumper will physically disconnect power from the audible device
J4 if removed disable supervision of FACP serial port (SDACT only) set according to the FACP being monitored.
J5-J7 set the normal condition of auxiliary power monitor (zones 5-7 respectively)
J8 installed - sets 2 hour transmission delay for zone 5 (AC power fail), uninstalled - sets no delay
Pushbuttons: reset, manual test, silence, program

Compatible FACPs
Edwards EST-2, EST-3 and IRC-3 FCI 7100 series (7100-1, 7100-2, 7100-1D, 7100-2D) FCI 7200 series Gamewell IF 600 Series Mirtone MIR-2 Siemens MXL/MXLV
Consult factory for additional interfaces

User-programmable items
Number of telephone lines to be used
Primary telephone number
Secondary telephone number
Sends trouble signals to secondary phone#
Primary account number
Secondary account number
Daily test time-of-day
Daily test check-in interval
Event codes for all zones
Real time clock

SIA transmitter:
Transmit all events that are in the SIA transmit queue (multiple events per call), per SIA Digital Communication Standard of November 1991. Transmissions will be in accordance with the requirements of a Level 1 transmitter as defined in Section 5 (compatibility), Table 3 (SIA digital compatibility levels) - (SIA20).

Power input - regulated or unregulated, filtered 24VDC 20.4 - 27.5 VDC acceptable range

Power requirements - Idle and Alarm: 75mA, 200mA all alarm or lamp test


Download Utility Requirements
Windows 98, 2000, XP

Height 14” | Width 17” | Depth 4” | Weight 11oz..


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