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Model 345/345TS
Fire Transmitter

The Model 345/345TS Fire Transmitters are addressable transmitters (monitoring modules) designed specifically for connection to initiating devices, sprinkler flow and supervisory switches, and other UL miscellaneous accessories with normally open contacts. The Model 345/345TS Fire Transmitters are UL Listed 864 Accessory Devices.

In addition to the supervisory features such as low battery, tamper, and end of line violation, the Models 345/345TS offer the option of either Style 1 or Style 2 wiring configuration. Jumper selection enables it to either transmit a Trouble or Alarm signal on Contact Closure. When monitoring a trouble on a third party panel it will now be displayed as a Trouble instead of Supervisory.

The Models 345/345TS Fire Transmitters utilize Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) signaling technology and provides bi-directional system communication to assure a secure and reliable network.

Both easy to install and cost effective, the low profile Model 345 incorporates a built in transmitter and is ideal for applications such as monitoring of flow and tamper switches, connection to existing hardwired panel outputs, PIV monitoring, and a host of other connections utilizing minimal wiring from the desired connection to the transmitter.

The 345TS is available for installations requiring horizontal mounting.



Listings & Approvals
System UL 864 Accessory Device
Accessories UL 864 Accessory Device
CSFM Listing
NYFD Approval

Fire Transmitter Cutsheet

• UL 864 Accessory Device
• Selectable Style 1 or Style 2 Wiring
• Bi-Directional RF Communication
• Operates on a Single 3V Lithium Battery
• Fully Supervised
• 900 MHz Band FHSS Transmission Format
• Remote Reset


Battery Type: 3 Volt Lithium Duracell DL123A or Panasonic CR123A
Battery Life: 12 Months Minimum
Battery Replacement: Upon Low Battery Report and/or During Annual Maintenance
Testing: Follow the 330/330TS CWSI Manual and NFPA 72 or Local Requirements
Low Battery: 2.70 Volts Nominal
Initiating Loop Rating: 3 Vdc, 1ma
Transmission: Complies to FCC Part 15
Test Transmission: 200 Second Supervisory Polling
Compatibility: Commercial Wireless Systems International,
LLC Model CP-3000A / CP-3000DA / CP-3500D

Height 4.75” | Width 2.55” | Depth 1.58” | Weight 6.4 oz.

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