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FM Approval

Model CP-3500D (Wireless Addressable) Fire Alarm Control Panel communicates with up to 1024 wireless addressable devices and provides 1 Class A (Style Z) or 2 Class B (Style Y) NAC rated 1A @ 24Vdc, contacts for Alarm (4 N.O & 2 Form C rated 1A/24Vdc), Trouble or Supervisory (1 Form C rated 1A/24Vdc). Types of service: Protected Premises Local Control Unit, Smoke Detector Monitor, Automatic, Manual, Waterflow, Sprinkler Supervisory and Auxiliary. Protected Premises Control Unit communication via integral Auxiliary Alarm (Master Box) connection and Silent Knight 5104B DACT for Remote and Central Station service; Model WRA-3 Wireless Remote Annunciator (up to 8/system), Model AR-5 AC Powered Wireless Repeater, provides 1 Class A (Style Z) or 2 Class B (Style Y) NAC rated 1A @ 24Vdc. Model SR-5 Wireless Relay Module with 5 form C dry contact outputs (rated 5A @ 30Vdc), Model RB-10/20/30/40 Wireless Relay Box provide up to 40 additional N.O. dry contacts (rated 1A @ 24Vdc); Model RM-5 relay module provide 5 additional form C dry contacts rated 5A@30Vdc; Model 300/301/302 Wireless Smoke Detectors; Model 340/340TS/345/345TS Wireless Fire Transmitter for monitoring standard dry contact devices for Alarm, Supervisory or Trouble reporting; and Model 310 Wireless (dual action) Manual Pull Station. Model CP-3500D Fire Alarm Control and Model AR-5 AC Repeater contain internal 12Vcd (4AH) batteries for 24 hour battery stand-by operation or 12Vdc (7AH) batteries for 60 hour battery stand-by operation and each wireless field device contains a 3Vdc Lithium battery that provides 12 months minimum operation.

Company Name Tyco Fire & Security GmbH
Company Address Victor von Bruns-Strasse 21, Neuhausen am Rheinfall, 8212, Switzerland
Company Website www.cwsifire.com
New/Updated Product Listing No
Listing Country Switzerland
Certification Type FM Approved


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