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Relay Box

The RB relay box is an optional accessory for connection to the AR-5 repeater. It provides up to 40 normally open programmable dry contact outputs. The number of relays correspond to the model number of the unit, for example RB-10 is a ten relay box. The relay box is ideal for interconnection to Dialers, Elevator Recall, HVAC Control, and manufacturer's equipment when other control interfaces are required.  These can be ordered in increments of ten relays.




Listings & Approvals
Control Unit UL 864 Accessory Device
Accessories UL 864 Accessory Device
CSFM Listing
NYFD Approval

• UL 864 Accessory Device
• Up to 40 N.O. Programmable Dry Contact Outputs*
• Wireless Activation of NACs and Relays
• Dry Contact Relays

* Available when optional model RB-10, 20, 30 or 40 relay box is connected to the AR-5. All relay outputs are programmable and rated for 24 Vdc @ 1Amp. The number after RB indicates the number of outputs provided.


Enclosure: Powder Coated 18 Gauge Steel
Testing: Follow the Model AR-5 CWSI Manual and NFPA 72
or Local Requirements
Compatibility: Commercial Wireless Systems International,
LLC Model CP-3000A / CP-3000DA / CP-3500D

Height 10” | Width 10” | Depth 3.25” | Weight 5 lbs.

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