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"When approached by the City of Alexandria to come up with a cost effective life safety solution to better protect their firefighters from potential fires and carbon monoxide events, CWSI's wireless fire alarm system was the perfect solution."

Marty Smith, President and CEO
Alarm Tech Solutions, LLC

" A twenty-one building office park located on a 76 acre campus was faced with extensive monitoring costs each month. It was very important to have a system that could be easily separated with the ability to be individually monitored if needed, we saved over $28,000 per year in phone line costs from the utility and over $4,000 each year in account monitoring costs."

Kenneth Skinner, Chief Engineer
Jones Lang LaSalle

“Faced with the requirement to upgrade our dormitories, we were in need of a cost effective retrofit solution. The installation of the CWSI system eliminated the weekly inspection requirements of our stand-alone battery operated smoke detectors, while providing a fully addressable solution. The total installation cost was ¼ the cost of the hardwired alternative.”

Robert Ferrara, Director of Fire Safety
Montclair State University

Hey guys,

Just completed the remodel of the Ponca City Fairfield Inn.

It went over great……I (by myself) installed all smokes, the removal of the old system , sprinkler riser, elevator recall, NAC booster, etc. in 3 days total ! My 2 guys spent one day rewiring the NAC circuits because they were all screwed up from the previous system. That company believed you are allowed to T-Tap NAC circuits !

The system came on line with “zero” issues.

This is the only way to go. The owner told me about the issues with another fire alarm company that took 3 weeks to do a remodel, didn’t work right, another 2 weeks to fix with multiple rooms down at a time, guest complaints, act and repair cost on sheetrock !

He said he will never do that again and CWSI is the only thing he will install this point forward!

Looking to go out and sell more of these systems !!!


Kelly Walker S.E.T. , RCDD

“When advising clients about fire alarm system upgrades that their Insurance providers have recommended I always recommend CWSI. The application of this product simplifies design, acceptance, installation and testing of any fire alarm project.”

Terry Schnizer
Tech Plan

"CWSI products don't just save lives, by simplifying difficult and costly retrofit projects - building owners and project managers can breathe a sigh of relief".


Bob Sears, Director
Life Safety


We appreciate the support and assistance we got from CWSI. An order this size was long overdue and we sincerely hope
it's the first of many. CWSI is an excellent company with a great product and we enjoy working with everyone there.

Best regards,

John Ventrella, President
Systems Sales Corporation

Dear Scott,
I wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Our recent trip to the CWSI corporate office and manufacturing facility was a very unique experience.
I was extremely impressed with the product orientation and training you and the CWSI staff put together. The instructors were very knowledgeable about the products and kept the class interesting. In my 20+ years in the industry, I had not had the opportunity of having my own panel to program and trouble shoot during a class. (By the way having the trainers mess with the panels overnight, nice touch!)
I think the Industry would be wise to keep an eye on “Those Guys in Florida”, you have just reset the bar for new product introduction, support and training. Well done.


Basil Morales, President
Stratagem Security, Inc.

Scott, as you have probably guessed by now, I am not one who is easily impressed; however, I must say "Congratulations!" Not only to you but also to your team for the terrific presentation you made of CWSI. Your excitement over the many advances that have been incorporated into your product is well-founded; I am confidentely looking forward to training and deploying the product into an industry that has long-needed such a wireless system. In fact, I have been burning up the phone making contact with those I feel would benefit most from a quick installation.

Again, thank you for the wonderful presentation and summit. I cannot wait to get my first order installed.

Most Sincerely,

Terry Schnizer, Senior Engineering Technologist, Fire Protection
Tech Plan Inc.


We appreciate your efforts as well. CWSI is a dynamic organization, growing rapidly, developing some amazing technologies. We are honored to be associated with you.

Best Regards,

Kathy Slack
Keystone Fire Protection Company

We feel the same way about being a distributor for CWSI. The obvious partnership mentality is a refreshing change from the typical self-serving vendor/customer relationship that is so prevalent in today’s business world.
Our slow start in the wireless market has been frustrating but Denis continues to work hard and we are starting to see some of the seeds we planted a year ago show some promise.
Thanks for stopping by and we look forward continuing to work with you and Scott on many more projects in the future.

Best Regards,

John Ventrella, President
Systems Sales Corporation



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