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Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum
Technology (FHSS)

Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology (FHSS) is the chosen RF Technology used by our military, NASA and other high security organizations requiring the most secure and reliable
RF Protocol.


· Intelligent System Scheme
· Two-way Communication
· Maintains Individual Sub Networks
· Self Healing Network
· “Quiet” Operation

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Repeater Network Architecture


· Forms Sub Networks
· Maintains Status for Each Device it Hosts
· Provides Host/Slave Bi-Directional Communications
· Maintains and Communicates Status to its Sub-Networks

Supervision of System

Any adverse condition on the system is detected and reported
to the Control Panel within 200 seconds of such condition
being present.

• 200 Second Supervisory Polling
• Tamper
• Low Battery
• AC Power Loss
• Hardware Fault
• Smoke Dirty Chamber




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